Playful Learning Plan – Pre-Sale Bundle

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The Playful Learning Plan saves hours of planning preschool lessons, saves you from figuring out how to organize all the crayons and doodles and schedules, shares activity extensions for preschoolers who need more of a challenge, guides you on how to manage high energy levels, teaches how to foster independence in your preschooler, all in one place.

So, you can take a breath of fresh air. You deserve it!

With this Bundle, You’ll Receive:


  • 26-week program (can be divided into 52 weeks)
    • 19 lessons of the Learning Plan Now
    • (letters C, A T, M, S, R, I, P, B, F, O,G,L, J, U, H, D, W, E)
    • Follows the order of ABC See Hear Do, so your preschooler can begin to read
    • Plus the Rest of the Learning Plan as it rolls out,
  • Parent guide
  • Presale Bonuses:
    • The Fruit & Veggie Number Cards (only during presale)
    • The Alphabet Cards (only during presale)
    • The Morning and Evening Routine Visual Schedule Cards (only during presale)
  • FAQs:

    • Evergreen (it can be started whenever your preschooler is ready)
    • Designed for 3-6 year olds (can be modified for a 2 year old)
    • Play- and literature-based preschool curriculum
    • Organized by lesson
    • All done and planned for you
  • Each Lesson Plan has:

    • Week at a glance for each lesson
    • Materials pages for each lesson
    • Step-by-step daily guides with prompts
    • Illustrated activity sheets
    • Original songs to sing, poems and short stories to read
    • Step-by-step crafts and activities with pictures
    • Recipes to make with your preschooler
    • Life Skills to practice everyday
  • Downloadable PDF – Non-refundable
  • Recommended to buy on a Desktop
  • Downloads automatically pop up in a separate tab
  • Please save to your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Only 2 Download Attempts

What Our Customers are Saying

"I LOVE it! Seriously, ... I love all the various ideas and the art is adorable. I wish I had something like this when all my kids were younger!"

Stefanie Hohl

ABC See, Hear, Do

"I looked the curriculum over more last night. I was impressed with how detailed it is. You have a gift for sure!"

Stephanie Gilbert

I Literally LOL

"We love The Tomato Song sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Tea Pot.”. It’s so dang cute. My kids love it! Ludavia’s full of wonderful activities for your kiddos.."

Monica Irwin

Veggie Buds Club

"I love the variety of activities and the resources are beautiful."

Leanne T.

Mom of Two