7 First Day of School Books for Preschoolers

It’s back to school time. Which means, it’s time to say goodbye to the long summer nights and say hello to the early mornings and routines.

Eek! That can be tough.

Getting your kids back into learning mode, especially preschoolers, can be, what seems, like trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole.

“I have to sit and learn now, Mom?”

Fortunately, we pack our learning days full of games, books and fun activities to learn letters names, letter sounds, numbers, math, science…all those school subjects we all were taught way back when, when we were kids.

So, learning doesn’t feel like learning, it feels like play (because it is).


But, there has to be some dedicated time where the kiddos sit still and practice writing, doing math and reading; because, in kindergarten, they have to be prepared to sit and learn.

That’s the hard part – sitting still for 10-20 minutes.

To get our preschooler here at home ready for her first day, we’ve been reading some First Day of School Books for Preschoolers with her during storytime.

It has made her more curious about school.

She’s pointing things out of the books and asking what they are, pretending to play school during her playtime and has been¬†setting out her dolls and teaching them numbers.


It’s so stinkin’ cute!

So, what books have we been reading?

7 First Day of School Books for Preschoolers

So, you can spend more time reading and less time shopping, we have included affiliate links for your convenience at no¬†additional cost to you. Simply click on the book’s image to add to your Amazon cart.

If you’re homeschooling this year, we added in some homeschoolig tips with each book. Someone seriously needs to write a kid’s book about the first day of homeschool.

This book walks your preschooler through the things she should expect during her first day. You’ll most likely recognize the poem’s format and start having sugarplums dance in your head.

If your preschooler is not going into a classroom and is participating in homeschool, you can point out the things in the story that are similar to her activity corner and explore those items. Show your preschooler where you keep all the books, craft supplies, blocks and puzzles.

Get the book HERE.

This book walks your preschooler through what her day might be like for her. It shows Spot’s mom dropping him off, Spot participating in fun preschool activities and his mom picking him back up.

If you are homeschooling, you can point out, “Hey! We sing songs to start our day! We also play dress up and paint pictures. How fun! Let’s do that today!”

Get the book HERE.

Pete the Cat is one of my kiddos’ favorite characters; because, each story gives us the opportunity to sing a song. This book shows what Pete the Cat does at school; and, he sings while he does those activities. You’ll definitely be rocking in your school shoes (aka the song will get stuck in your head).

Watch it on YouTube to see what I mean: Pete the Cat

And if you are homeschooling, you try out singing songs during your activities. Say, “Let’s sing songs while we write the letter C!” – making writing fun!

Get the book HERE.

We love Curious George here. We watch the movies. We read the books. We just love how George goes to school and helps out the kids. Your preschooler will also learn about primary colors and how when you mix two together, you get a different color. Your preschooler will also learn about teamwork.

If your preschooler is homeschooled, you can do a color mixing activity like this one from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails’ Color Mixing with Ice Cubes Activity. Also, have her help clean something in the house or help a sibling with a chore.

Get the book HERE.

Froggy dreams about his first day of school and realizes it was a dream. Then, he wakes up to actually go. Then, the cute story walks you through Froggy’s Day.

In your homeschool, you can do what Froggy does with your preschooler. “Let’s leapfrog around like Froggy does going to the bus stop!” Practice writing your preschooler’s name on a piece of white paper. Tape it up for him/her to see all day. And review what you did over the Summer.

Get the book HERE.

This is a fun story and has so many things you can discuss with your preschooler. It introduces your preschooler to colors and what each color can be used for to draw a picture.

You can also point out the feelings the crayons are experiencing. And then draw a picture using all the colors. It will be so fun!

Get the book HERE.

This book is written from the school’s perspective. It has so many activity extensions you can do after reading the book. It helps your preschooler relate to the school through the school’s feelings and warm your preschooler up to going to school.

For added fun: with your preschooler at home, build a school using blocks. If you’re homeschooling preschool, choose a name to call your school (with your preschooler), review the shapes in the books, the alphabet and the butterfly life cycle on the chalkboard, and draw a picture to hang on a wall.

Get the book HERE.

We hope this list of 7 First Day of School Books for Preschoolers help turn your preschooler’s mixed feelings into awesome feelings about school (in a classroom or at home).

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